Monday, 30 September 2013

blackberries and apples

My mum and I and then my girls and I, used to go for me the rhythmic reach and drop for blackberries is rich with comforting memories..I once picked them from the back of Clava a big, liver dark, thoroughbred mare and the berries were the size of golf-balls that exploded and dribbled down her deep dark neck as we galloped home..magic. 
Well this years berries are mega big and sweet and shiny with the sun. The apples were my first proper crop...and maybe no-one needs a recipe for blackberry and apple crumble..just a few tips perhaps.

 Wash the blackberries as wondrous little creepy crawlies can be found munching ahead of you..happily surrounded in the purple juices..
 Use butter if you can as the rich taste of the crumble is unsurpassable when bound in the golden generous with your creativity..add things to give it crunch and surprise.
Don't add too much water..but be generous with a sprinkle of unprocessed sugar..or yummy honey

Use your finger tips as if rubbing in for pastry..then pile it all together perhaps with stem ginger...hmmm slide it into the oven and serve when crispy hot with double cream..or ice cream...all glorious xxxxxxx

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