Monday, 14 October 2013

hedgerows feasting

 The raspberry tree in my garden with extraordinary fruit that look just like fat raspberries
You can see what a big tree it is.

Fruit of the Chinese Dogwood..just like a big raspberry

So pretty and the huge white bracts in springtime are also wonderful.

Linden tree loud with bees a little earlier in the summer. 

Crab Apples they make such a sweet scent
Have lots of pics to download and no time to do it...more soon
Ah finally sneaked in two minutes to load some pics taken during my walk with the resident asbos..two Jack Russells
Rather tattered and torn elder but still bright and bouncy in the breeze

Rose hips that can be collected and made into wonderfully sweet and soothing to the sore throat hhhmmm Rosehip syrup of my childhood

Good old blackberries..ever friendly and refreshing on a long walk at the very least. Pies and crumbles call to be made when you see these fat beauties shining in the sun.

It's always a complete delight to come across a crab apple tree. Nothing quite like smelling them before you find them on the path and overhead..They make a fabulous jelly but are way too tart to eat without some kind of cooking.

 Dark, sexy sloes..where's that gin to soak them in for Christmas
Well the birds have enjoyed these late elder berries..

More lovely rose hips
I seem to remember my mum saying the pithy centre made good itching powder substitute..but goodness knows what kind of modern allergy it might trigger so leave well alone..

Lovely hawthorn
In my garden I have a glorious red hawthorn blossom tree..usually its pale pinky/white.

White Rowan planted for Isabelle twenty years's branches are like a ballerina's arms.

Toxic Berries Look but don't touch

 I think these are bryony but beware to quote good ol' Wicki ' all components of the black bryony plant, including the tubers, are poisonous due to saponin content. Therefore, it is not typically used internally; however, it has been used as a poultice for bruises and inflamed joints.' Personally I wouldn't use it for anything..just enjoy it sparkling in the sunshine.

 Red as bright as this can mean poison and in this case it does..Bryony twisting through the branches

Well these believe it or not are spindle berries..usually bright and pink but this year rather like old germolene.

These spindle berries are a bit more like it!!By the way they are also highly toxic so don't be tempted to do anything other than look at them. Euonymus europaeus

 Some additional delights

 These are not in the hedgerow as such but they are rather lovely..

 End of the summer Mullein also known as
Adam's flannel, old man's flannel, woollen, rag paper, candlewick plant, wild ice leaf, Jupiter's staff, Jacob's staff, Flannel Plant, Hag's Taper

The umbelliferous  Dill I love the sweet tangy seeds of this amazing plant.

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