Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New rescue chooks

Well, after spotting an article in the local paper..I dashed over to Old Gardens Animal rescue Centre, in Sidlesham and met Dave and Irene who have done a great job in getting 1000 or so girls out of the intensive system of farming. As well as these rather manky looking chooks they also had a lot and I mean ..a lot..of wonderful exotic breeds skittering about. Not just chickens all kinds of be-feathered marvels.
Pictures to come ...

Well they have all settled in and Helen and Sylvia have finally stopped hen-pecking them. They have learned to scuttle towards the hen house when I call 'bed-time girls!' In a particular lullaby , go to sleep now...voice..Well that 's how I imagine it to sound. ..Anyway they up skirts and hurry towards the door. Scrabble the Jack Russell, is so naughty she stands all aquiver waiting for them to file up the ramp and into the hutch. Given half the chance she'd pluck them all and parcel them up for supper. But she doesn't dare whilst I hover.
They are all characters but I have only named one of them so far..Minnie. She is the smallest and therefore easier to identify. It's funny how they all have such different characters...I do love my chooks.
What is this underfoot...soil!!! WOW!

 These brown girls have never stepped out into anything lush before..they set to work scratching up a row of dust baths and pecked optimistically at everything hoping scraps of stone might be bugs...

Shaking their tail feathers and getting ready up for a spot of line dancing!

Helen the resident Light Sussex is a great galleon in comparison..she is looking for a few combs to take a nip

OK I know..enough of chickens for a while

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