Friday, 29 April 2016

A walk in April with the asbos

Scrabble, Gata and Tata all a'twitch with exciting spring smells

Oil seed rape growing in the field behind us
The motorway outside our gate
Great view of the soft rolling Downs. In the distance is Lady Hamilton's Folly 
over the way from Uppark

Early May blossom always makes me think of poor Anne Boleyn

Cowslips nodding if not mooing a welcome by the gate

Bluebells ringing in Spring

A rather lovely little virginal bluebell all in white

An  early campion

I think this is a tiny little hardy geranium

Darling primroses

More shocking pink campions

Violets my grandmother's favourite little flower. Can't imagine why anyone would want to cover them in sugar and eat them..they are so pretty to look at.

This old ash tree is like a great hand coming out of the earth

Ahh lovely wild garlic...ramsons

I wonder what kind of fungi this is..looks like it would make a good black long as one didn't put the brush anywhere near one's mouth!! Ykk
They almost look as if they could crawl away!

This post is at the corner of our field

Deer slots in the claggy mud

May blossom

Baby camomile with what seems to be rabbit droppings by the side..

So love when the spring flowers start to bloom

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Puglian Paradise

Just beginning to feel better after the longest and most horrible virus infection..
So back to the keyboard but with lots of pictures!!!
 This is our trullo down in Puglia. You can just see me in the garage..for that is what the funny little bit on the end is supposed to be. We haven't been for a visit for around three years..if truth be told we haven't had any kind of a break for three years. Some times work just won't let you
 Me labouring in 2008

These two saints are inside our gatepost! St Damiano and St Cosimo patron saints of Puglia
Looking up into the stone dome of one of the cones..we have just started lime mortaring the joints..after sand blasting the old layers of earth plaster off.

This is where a little basin will sit with its own little window

 Our olive trees..we have around 200 some are ancient and so beautiful.

 When we can we cut off the suckers all around the base..they haven't been properly pruned for ages.
A stormy Puglian sky behind one of the cones.Sadly the weather can turn cold during the winter months.

You can see how this tree is in desperate need of a haircut. They are pruned to make them like an open box so that the sunshine gets right inside. This one is next to a mispora tree and in the foreground there is a pomegranate bush.

Orchids and wild flowers are in abundance.

 In the spring you can see such a wealth of wild flowers..beautiful.