Friday, 25 October 2013

A muddy walk as autumn brews a storm for the weekend

last cheeky little October raspberry in a pot..
 As I stomped through the mud in my wellies..I couldn't help  but think what wonderful colour swatches lay around my feet.

And then I started noticing how many foot prints and other various prints there were embedded in the grey glistening mud.

Dogs leap into the puddles after their battered old tennis balls..

Bicycles leave their snaking patterns.

Birds have been waddling through the sticky mud. I would LOVE to see some pictures of ducks or geese fat feet in the mud. They are so iconic and strangely humorous...

All wonderful colours whether bright or dull.

The muddy track then gives way to this little lane.

The great ash tree is loosing her leaves..thank goodness as I still have clear memories of the big storm that caused such devastation as the trees were all covered in leaves that caught the wind like sails.
If you search the top branches of the stump of a tree on the right you'll see an owl house given to me one birthday and lashed aloft by my brother.

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