Thursday, 15 August 2013

Autumnal September is approaching..and today is damp and breezy. Sylvia and Helen put themselves to bed in the chook house just that little bit earlier last night. They had been plied with worming medicine mixed in with their morning lentil and pasta mash so maybe their tummies were full of gurgles rather than wriggly nemaotodes. Early to bed with a spot of quilting by moonlight was probably on their minds. Now that Jack Russell, Gata has returned to the chic streets of London with her mistress they know they can rest a little easier. Whilst she was visiting it wasn't only the wiley fox they had to keep an eye out for.
They have the three residents pooches number and will strut them into submission with a few discretely placed pecks..but Gata never bothered to read the rule book and thought that anything wearing feathers was fair game.

These pics taken last spring show just how much Sylvia's comb has developed. Now it is much grander.
August 2013 Look how much better her comb looks...a grown up chook she looks proper handsome.

Helen on the other hand is still a bit odd looking with a rather large swelling on her rear didn't know what it was but she has had it for some eighteen months and is still laying eggs. So it's not impacted eggs or she'd have succumbed by now. If she doesn't mind then neither do I..

' you say food?'

Helen who must be coming up for four years old. Her two sister's were had by the fox but she's a survivor.

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