Saturday, 2 July 2011

Well...I have now completed two performances of the Mongolian Boy and his Rather Strange Horse. The first was for an audience of mainly very small people and their mums and a yurt. My two lovely daughters manned the rod puppets and I told the story. The children were very good and they engaged with the characters and the story but in truth it was probably a bit too 'old' for them. Eli and Vicki then won them all over by making impromptu hobby horses to give away from the scraps of cardboard and hazel wands.
David Dempsey very kindly filmed it so I can study what not to do as well as what to do.
The second time was with the brilliant assistance of two gifted teachers Suseela and Mariamah on the rods and to the whole of Inwoods Small School and staff. They ranged in age between four and ten..the perfect ages. Great fun. I need to work out a way to be fluent with the stort telling and be more hands on with the puppets. They are quite fragile so that needs addressing too.

As well as the paper rod puppets I have now been working on sewn bodies and clothes with Flymo hands and heads.
The local bookshop is interested in giving me a space to perform so that is very exciting.

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  1. Lynne, These are so impressive! How about a "business" trip to Indonesia where you could study with the shadow puppet guys? It would be tax deductible, wouldn't it? Their puppets are of the same principal but highly-stylized and very non-western looking. Did you create the story too?