Thursday, 14 April 2011

A poem for Clare when the missiles fell, relentless

The wind unites us.
I breathe in warm, moist air
that riffles my summer garden.
Feel it, laden with life.

You lie, tube pierced and fevered
with hot, dry heat
in a land where mountains range
and wilderness once reigned

So many love and keen for you
watching as you strive for each
and every goal.
Your courage makes me small.

Your beauty is marvellous
The warrior queen, constant at your shoulder
holds your loyal and love drawn troops
who wait in serried ranks for word of you.

They light fires, beat the drum, bake fragrant bread,
dance to ancient chants
so that you will know you are not alone.
The wind blows our love,

it carries our strength to you
shedding as it moves, our tears.
As you lie gently sleeping, quietly dreaming
it stirs across the veranda

where a nest is made
to ease you.
Bringing scents of lavender and jasmine
creamy with white blooms of philadelphus
and echoes of childhood smiles,

wet dogs running.
As I breathe I smell New England
and Pollyanna Glad Day
pink candy floss bright

wild flower meadows
and cow belch warmth.
Sleep, slumber deep,
while the winds unite us

1 comment:

  1. Lynn
    Now I have dried my eyes and lain on the floor with Peter's unused lyre.. strumming it.. I am recomposed and so absolutely touched and gobsmacked by your word skill !!!

    Pollyanna's author grew up in Littleton NH.. the town I practised in ! Funny you picked that thread !
    As for the flowers and the winds with all the radiation in it.. We are sisters in mind and heart..Thankyou for saying so... Love Clare