Saturday, 27 February 2010

It's my room now..ha,ha,ha

I so love this little room.
This is where I now sit and write..and sometimes draw or paint and generally distill the essences to be made giddy by their fragrance.

It used to be the place where my oldest daughter slept, schemed and dreamed, broadened her mind and focused her attention. But one of the upsides to children growing and moving to another place is that they leave behind a space and that space calls out to be filled...and as this one has access to chooks/kitchen/garden/wild birds/broadband/all of my children's works of art...and a bed for the Divine Empress of Mexico, Choochi to bury herself in, while I work...I bagged it. The husband has the garden shed so I now have for the first time in my life a room of my own..what riches.

Have to tell you that as I tap..two robins are scrutinising me each with beady eye..I always heard they would kill each other for territory..normally a human trait.. but these two look like portly father and skinny Asparagus Man son. Little and Large. Maybe when spring comes and the ladies confuse the issue they will then become adversaries but right now they seem to be living in harmony...along side a whole tree full of tits...not bosoms of course..just blue tits. Americans probably don't call them tits...a bit too permissive for the nation that couldn't look at Ms Jackson's nipple...a little like the Brit farming community in their conservatism.

The sound of Kate McGarrigle singing with her sister Anna fills the sad that she fell and is gone like a big and bountiful Copper Beech that has crashed down and no longer brings shade and beauty and a place for life to sit and nest. She is and will remain forever missed. What a beautiful woman and what a great spirit. Her voice, like Joni's pulls my youth around me like a warm blanket to nuzzle.