Friday, 26 February 2010

Another day has dawned and slithered sneakily past me. Time dribbling over my chin like a softly boiled egg.
Now dazed, bathed, typed out and weary, a Friday evening bed calls me to the horizontal. As part of my research into that alternative world that hovers just behind my mental eyelids.. I spent some time watching Venice Beach via YouTube...memories of 31 years ( almost) ago when I arrived, round eyed and naive beyond imagining into the Vaselined, coconut oiled reality that was 1979 America. Ha!
Now I have my very matey and tremendously well informed laptop for company..I castrated her today and flipped the wifi switch to the off position..the electric field detector and the pain in my legs has put the fear of god knows what vile manifestation of evil techno-illness in now a physical umbilicus ties us both to the broadband baby mewing in the more wirelessness....wires please.

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