Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Creating a Sculpture Garden

This is where I have long been thinking about making a sculpture garden..Rather pathetically I have never found the time or energy to give it any proper attention..I have dragged various bits that I've had my eye on to various [laces and they have quietly let the wild flowers and grasses obscure them..
Somewhere behind the wild flowers is a path...crying out to be redefined and celebrated with art

Lovely old steel globe left by a friendly assistant many years ago..a slate patio area for the table and chairs given to me for a birthday by my father now sadly passed away..weeds pushing up through the crevices and cracks..an old bench that I had tried to move a couple of weeks ago and only succeeded in snapping the wrought iron support..lies dying...BUT Margarita arrived with her whirlwind energy and picked up the scythe..her technique is actually more hack than scythe..the blade might never recover..but she hit the long grasses and down they fell!!!
Margarita might be small but she's a force to be reckoned with!

So together we have dug and scraped, cut and pulled..lugged and heaved until the wilderness patch began to take shape....To have someone to work with has been revolutionising how I can think..reclaiming this meadow into garden has been back breaking on my own and to have her laughing and joking as we plant and pick has been such a joy!
I can feel the gardening process doing us both good..healing and delighting!

Luckily my children are all sculptors/artists and over the years we have amassed lots of their cast offs. The black bust is of my eldest daughter made by her brother and the steel sculpture is another piece by him.

Eli, Margarita and I spent a morning digging out these chalk chips from an exposed bank..and then we wheel barrowed them into place..I love the bright reflective surface they have created around he dark pieces...
My two Super Heroines Margarita and Eli!!

We used to have a glass making company and this is one of the remnants encircled by the old steel orb. We anchored it by digging a bowl shape out and then stamping the chalky soil back in around it.

We scalped the long grasses using the sharp side of a spade after the hacking/scything.....and Margarita was keen to liberate my hydrangeas from their pots so she kindly dug them in with lots of compost around their roots.

 Margarita and a freshly made bed!

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