Monday, 1 June 2015

A May Garden on the South Downs

The foxgloves and chives are best of friends and the keen to multiply fennel seem happy sharing their bed. The strawberries are constantly trying to join them..but enough is enough!

The strawberries do have their own patch...and have invited a large mullein to nestle with them. I have stopped using a net as the little song birds get trapped and that is distressing for them and me! I'd rather share the berries with them.

This little banks slopes down to the patio if you could call it that! The place where the garden table sits..and summer lunches can be enjoyed.

The architectural rhubarb just grows and grows!!

Chives are so pretty with their pom pom purple hats.

So that's it for May!! Everything is growing except for the cabbage seedlings which seem to have been eaten by some mini villain...

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