Thursday, 28 May 2015

Books for Chooks Educating Hens!!

Helen enjoys reading Grayson Perry...Close to earth she says...all that clay! Requests have been received to see the tapestries. I rather think she has her mind on a visit to his new Artists House in Essex...We'll see.

Sylvia on the other hand is a devotee of Jorge Luis Borges. The extraordinary Argentine writer born in 1899 and who died in 1986 She seems to enjoy the challenge of his poetry as well as the short stories where the genre magical realism was conceived. She doesn't understand how came to be omitted from the Nobel Prize in Literature. He surely should have been awarded the honour. Scrabble who is sitting listening to her views on this subject isn't so sure. 

Sylvia has been considering her own literary career. She has adjusted her diet recently so that instead of spending time sitting on eggs she can contemplate under the ash trees as she unravels plot lines.

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