Monday, 11 August 2014

Clearing the Black Thorn

Well after tackling one huge clump of brambles at the end of the winter it's now time to face up to the black thorn..pass the leather gauntlets and armour plating .....

Taken early summer before cutting the grass and weeds 
A long line of black thorn ..very daunting!

Amazing boy, Jack came with his little tractor and topped the field..what a sweetheart! So now I can see how invasive the wretched black thorn actually is.

There used to be a regular post and rail fence along this boundary...!!!

And on the opposite boundary there are now huge encroaching brambles!!! Will leave this to fruit then the loppers will be brought out!

Somewhere inside this mass is a perfectly nice water trough!!

Looks like the fairies have been here but it's thistle seeds!!

The beautiful field that we back onto

and bunnies are in residence!

The chooks live just the other side of this 'hedge'.and the house is down there too

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