Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Blind dog walking

Poor little Couscous had one of her eyes removed due to glaucoma earlier this year and the other one just stopped working soon after so she is as blind as can be. However..she is both as tough as an old boot and fearless...so off she trots. She seems to navigate using the tips of her ears and some Yoda like powers that still allow her to see off the other dogs from her food or her patch of warm bed with kungfu flying snap precision.

Having skirted the horse droppings she sets off to locate the edge of the track where all of the really interesting smells lurk.

And sadly this weekend she was very poorly and we thought she wasn't going to make it but on Monday morning in spite of having a bad heart condition the vet operated and removed her uterus which was badly infected and now she is asleep beside me as I type.

Tata decided that as the Queen was away she'd squeeze herself into the bed of privilege and steal a few zzzzs

Note long nails..she might be small, elderly and with teeth a few..but it is still a feat of extreme danger and skill to try to trim them..she can't see but she certainly knows if the clippers approach...and knows exactly where your fingers are.

This is Couscous when she was young and far more beautiful

Introducing pup Scrabble to the resident gnome. I don't know what she said but it obviously shook him up a bit.

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