Monday, 5 April 2010

Girls have a new home..and they are so very cross!!!

Well..the giant roll of chicken wire came through the post...the man with the rogue digger had erected the up rights so away I went..the girls looked with the odd quizzical eye..and trotted off to forage under the beech hedge..just next to the freshly dug spud bed..they, trusting little lovelies had no idea that their spell of freedom was coming to an end.


  1. Wow. It's very 'minimalist'. It reminds me of a sort of chicken Gulag...where once they pecked among fan shaped beds of vegetables... Still, now that the land is cleared you can let it burst forth in fruitfulness and vegetablefulness too (yes, I think that's how it's spelt..)

  2. first it was like a regular concentration camp but now that I have threaded bamboo into the wires it is more like Tenko..but the girls love it..