Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chooks taking gardening seriously

Spring is in the air..Helen is no longer broody and they are up and at 'em. They see me coming across the garden with my spade and their little legs fare go like the clappers to get to me. Not worshipful love of the mothership...no..the chance to catch wild game..fresh flesh.
The girls are now red hot at hoicking out the militant worms and bugs.

Not so keen on them gobbling all of my lovely juicy wormies..they are my friends after all as they improve my thin and precious soil. Up here on the top of the South Downs the rock chalk is just below the surface and I have to compost and add manure to get anything to grow.
You can just see the remnants of last years radicchio crop.
I don't like the bitter tang they leave on the tongue but the old man loves them.
I am trying to break into the heavy grass..formerly a field for grazing..to form a new wedge shaped veggie bed to complete the pattern of beds surrounding the clump of lime trees..the idea is to make a circular shape with each of the segments holding a different crop. It worked really well last year but it is so hard to dig the beds in the first place.
I just love it when the plants grow tall...graceful aliums. I let some of them go to seed just so I can enjoy their huge balloon shaped heads like stars on sticks. Brilliant.

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